Thursday, January 22, 2009

What is he doing?

Everything is quiet and I decide to sit down to check my email.  All of the sudden I get a sinking feeling, what is Asher doing? it is too quiet.  More often than not he is doing something mildly annoying like going through my purse and stealing a pack of gum then unwrapping and chewing every piece of gum in the pack at the same time.  Randomly he is doing something really naughty like emptying all the open cereal boxes on the floor or in a bowl in hopes of pouring his own milk before I find him.

Today he was not doing any of these things, he wasn’t painting with my lipstick either.  He wasn’t in my closet pulling every article of clothing down and piling it on the floor.  He wasn’t stealing candy or cookies after climbing onto the kitchen counters.  He wasn’t playing on or in the toilet.  He was not dumping all of the dog food into the dog water bowl or drinking out of the water bowl.

 January 23, 2009 025

He was looking at books!

January 23, 2009 021

What a great kid!  How did I get so lucky?  How did he become so infatuated with books.  We have noticed this love for reading and books for awhile now.  His first favorite book was Go Dogs, Go by PD Eastman.  We could not put him down for a nap or at night without reading it at least once and then he usually wanted to sleep with it.  He has discovered several other books now, lately the favorites are Clifford and the Big Itch or The Cat in the Hat.

Our theory is that our kids see us so often curled up with a book in the evenings and weekends that they are drawn to books.  Jack is also fast becoming a book worm.  We started him with the Spiderwick Chronicles and went to see the movie at the conclusion of the series.  Now he is reading the Harry Potter series all by himself and we watch each movie after he completes the corresponding book.

January 23, 2009 026

Jack reading Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban

January 22, 2009 026

An hour after we sent him to bed, I had to take the book away.

January 22, 2009 025

Grady our middle guy gets the shaft sometimes because he is not  reading really well yet, he is in kindergarten, so he can’t just read on his own the books he is interested in.   Tonight I had the opportunity to sit down with him alone and read a story to him.  He wanted to be wrapped in a blanket and sit in my lap just the way Asher gets to every night.  I think he thoroughly enjoyed his moment with mom.  I plan to make this more of a priority every evening for Grady.  He does get read to most evenings usually it is a book within a series (Lord of the Rings, City of Ember, Spiderwick, ect.) that Roger reads to both Jack and Grady.  However, I think Grady needs his own time with the books he has chosen.

January 22, 2009 028

These are a few of the books the boys are into right now.  Asher’s books are on the left with Clifford, Morning Song and a Cars book.  While Grady’s books are in the middle Serendipity Collection, Bedtime Stories and Captain Underpants. Jack is to the right with Harry Potter.

Who knows where they get their love of books but I am so glad this is something we all share!  Now how do I get them to love cleaning up after themselves?

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