Monday, January 12, 2009

Apple Tasting

1/2/09 We were bored of being stuck in the house [snow] and it was something different to do. I had a bunch of different kinds of apples (pink lady, crisps pink {might be the same as pink lady}, honey crisp, red delicious, organic red delicious, gala, granny smith, and golden delicious). We cut them up and tried each one put a check mark on a sheet next to the ones we liked. It was Jack's idea to put a post-it note next to each kind of apple and he was the official score keeper. Every apple was liked but the favorites were the crisps pink and the honey crisp. Grady's favorite was the Golden Delicious I think, because he ate half the apple by himself. We ate small pieces of cheddar to cleanse our palate between apples and we also had some sliced honey ham. Lunch was done standing at the island eating mostly apples. At the end we made applesauce with the apples left over, it was tasty!

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