Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick’s Day

I come from a small town in Missouri and in Rolla Saint Patrick’s Day is the biggest  holiday of the year.  So of course we try to make a little something of it around the house for our boys.

On the 11th  the boys had their first visit from Lucky the Leprechaun.  Each of the boys got a gummi pizza with a shamrock sticker on it, it was found on the boys creation of cardboard with a note from Lucky.  Sunday, the 15th  they woke up to candy necklaces with shamrock stickers in their traps. (description of trap below)  After church everything was quite and Grady decided he wanted to bake some banana chocolate chip muffins.  As we were baking we thought we heard something as we returned to the muffins the batter had turned green and there were batter tracks on the counter and floor. On Sunday night the boys had a trap out for the leprechauns, this trap is made from wet wipe containers and it has been evolving for a week. The traps were set with crumbs of cinnamon bread.  Monday morning they got green tootsie roll suckers with a note from Chauny the Leprechaun.  Later that night Jack created another trap, both Grady and Jack were very excited to actually trap a Leprechaun.  This morning they woke up to gold coins scattered around the house and in their traps green m&ms with a note from Lucky.  Mom wasn’t sure if a Leprechaun would show up so I had little Irish charms and a “Kiss me I’m Irish” face stamp out on the counter for the boys.  To our surprise after all of the other goodies as we fixed breakfast we found green milk in our fridge.  The rest of the day was just fun stuff.  Grady and Asher didn’t have school so Grady got to play at a friend’s house and Asher went to playgroup with me then when Jack got out of school we went to skating rink.

Happy Saint Patty’s Day!!!!