Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December Daily days 11 - 16

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Day 11

I wrapped some Christmas stories and a lego movie.  I let each of the boys pick one gift and open them then we read their books. (It’s Christmas David and Drummer Boy) The boys were so excited to get to open a present.  That was our family thing for today.


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Day 12

So today was so fun because of Jack’s impromptu Santa act.  The plan was to make sugar cookies together while the cookies baked we got a story out to read.  Jack said he would read the story because Roger and I were cleaning up.  When we came to sit down and listen, Jack had cut out a paper beard and taped it on. He read I Believe in Santa Claus  then had each of the kids come sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas.  It was so hilarious and so fun to see Jack take the lead and make it fun for the younger kids.

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We have a class on Thursday evenings so our candlelit dinner was a little rushed but still super fun.  Jack and Grady made dinner for everyone.  Jack was in charge of the pizzas and Grady made a delicious salad. My centerpiece decorated our table and we used the china. Jack added a tablecloth after some encouragement.  Me- Jack go get a Christmas tablecloth out of the closet.

Jack – What?

Me – A Christmas tablecloth, you know the gold one or the green and red one.

Jack – Where is it?

Me – In the closet.

Jack came back with a blue and white tablecloth.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

December daily days 8,9 & 10

Today, is Wednesday which means early release from school for the big boys, which means we have time to do something.  Jack has been talking about going to the Harry Potter Exhibition for weeks it is at Pacific Science Center in Seattle, so today was the day!  I didn’t know what to expect but with the price to get in I hoped it would be good.  It was well done, we all really enjoyed it.  Jack was sorted into the Gryffindor house and we got to see many real props from the movie like a life-sized Hogwarts Express train, go inside Hagrid’s house, help Professor Sprout by pulling up mandrakes (they were loud)and see the life sized head of one of the dragons.  Of course it all ended in a gift shop where they sold movie prop quality wands for $45 or marauder's map for $44. After narrowly escaping the gift shop we played till closing in the science center!

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Day 9

Today Dad and Mom were trying to get projects around the house done so instead of doing something extreme today we wrote Santa letters and emailed them.  It was really fun because Santa wrote back immediately and each of the boys got a letter to print out.

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Day 10, Friday

Today Dad, Mom and Scarlett visited Asher’s class.  In the morning Asher and Mom made Christmas mix to take to Asher’s class.  We brought a Christmas story called Auntie Claus and Dad read to the class.  Asher was so pleased to have his dad read to everyone and to share the Christmas mix at snack time. Love how excited he gets when we come to school!

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Later on Friday night we had the church Christmas party.  It was wonderful!

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December Daily day 7


Everyone fought me about going in the rain but it turned out alright and after buying hot chocolate everyone was happy the rest of our visit.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Daily day 6

Mondays are crazy and hectic because right after school we drive Grady to Bellevue Country Day School for Science class.  To add to the crazy Roger could not pick him up because he had to go to work during his infant care leave and stay late.  So I drove back to Bellevue to pick up Grady then rushed everyone thru dinner(that Amy provided) and took the boys to Hapkido because Roger was still at work and could not go with the boys to martial arts.

Tonight everyone got hot chocolate after Hapkido and Roger read to everyone.  Perfect end to long day!



December Daily days 3 and 4

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Day 3, Friday

We went to Hilton in Bellevue to view the gingerbread houses.  The gingerbread houses were incredible.  Our favorite was the Hogwarts castle.  We ended up bidding on several houses because we were the first to view the houses and the auction was starting at the reasonable price of $30 for each house.  So all the boys went home excited that we might be able to take one of these creations home.  Then we went out to dinner and then home for the night.

Day 4, Saturday

Today is Redmond Lights at City Hall but instead of going to that we decided that the boys would really rather make graham cracker houses.  Dad would like to work on a computer project for Mom backing up all of our digital pictures and help Grandma Sandy with her computer over the phone.

So Mom pulled out the 5 bags of Halloween candy leftover.  The end result is fantastic.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Daily day 5

Today was simple, it is Sunday, we don’t usually go anywhere just stay home and enjoy time to relax.  We went to church, which is never pretty as we try to get everyone to the car.  (usually takes some  threatening, yelling and counting to get the boys dressed and in the car)  But we still had a good day.  When we returned home from church Roger and I did one on one time with each of the boys. (They love that they get to control an activity and they have our undivided attention for half an hour.) Jack and I made cake mix cookies of his own made up recipe then got his teacher gift (an ornament with feathers in a glass globe) wrapped and decorated a tag.  Then Grady and Asher also wanted to do their teacher gifts, which we did for their time.

Then for family time we made Christmas mix to give to neighbors.  Jack documented this with his DSi(budding blogger?).

Here is page 5.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Daily, Day 2

Today is our crazy day so we decided to do gingerbread houses.