Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Daily

My dear friend Amy introduced me to December daily albums this year. So as a family we decided this would be a wonderful way to bring in the Christmas spirit and a way to grow closer as a family.  (It also forces me to learn more about digital scrapbooking.) So everyday of December till Christmas we do something Christmas oriented as a family and of course every night you scrapbook your day.

The anticipation has been building with the boys since I introduced the idea in November to them.  The boys couldn’t wait to get the tree and decorations out. (Might have been the early snowfall  Monday before Thanksgiving that has them so excited.)  So we didn’t wait for December to decorate we went ahead and put the tree up.

As we pulled all the decorations out of the garage Roger and I realized we never got the decorations out last year since we spent  the month of December in Florida last year for my sister, Hannah’s wedding. Asher went thru every ornament saying “Ohhh look it is sooo cute, I remember this one!”

We left the bottom branches off our fake tree to accommodate little miss Scarlett, she is crawling everywhere now.  I think she has only ingested a few of the fake pine needles so far.

So for Day 1 we started the much anticipated advent calendars and we went to watch the Christmas ships in Kirkland.  It was so much fun and the weather was great, no snow, no rain and no cold (that never happens in the NW).  There was a bonfire set on the beach and Christmas lights on the ships and on some of the trees lining the water front.  It was beautiful.  There were not too many people out so we easily found our friends (Amy’s family).  Amy’s daughter immediately took Scarlett and the boys paired up with Amy’s other kids so Roger and I got to sit with each other without kids(that never happens).  The Christmas ship had live carolers onboard and they amplified it so everyone on the waterfront could hear.  The lights and the music were fantastic!

As we were leaving Grady and Asher ran ahead while we were strapping Scarlett into her stroller.  Amy towed Asher back unwillingly.

Amy- “Asher your mom doesn’t know where you are.”

Asher- “I’m wright hewer!” arms up and stomping

Amy- “ Asher your mom doesn’t know that you need to go back to your family.”

Asher- “Aww just fworget bout it"!” waving Amy off

That is when Amy just towed him back to us.  Asher is hard to discipline cause he just cracks us up.

The Christmas ship, it was a great way to start the Christmas season!


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