Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Daily day 5

Today was simple, it is Sunday, we don’t usually go anywhere just stay home and enjoy time to relax.  We went to church, which is never pretty as we try to get everyone to the car.  (usually takes some  threatening, yelling and counting to get the boys dressed and in the car)  But we still had a good day.  When we returned home from church Roger and I did one on one time with each of the boys. (They love that they get to control an activity and they have our undivided attention for half an hour.) Jack and I made cake mix cookies of his own made up recipe then got his teacher gift (an ornament with feathers in a glass globe) wrapped and decorated a tag.  Then Grady and Asher also wanted to do their teacher gifts, which we did for their time.

Then for family time we made Christmas mix to give to neighbors.  Jack documented this with his DSi(budding blogger?).

Here is page 5.


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