Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December Daily days 11 - 16

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Day 11

I wrapped some Christmas stories and a lego movie.  I let each of the boys pick one gift and open them then we read their books. (It’s Christmas David and Drummer Boy) The boys were so excited to get to open a present.  That was our family thing for today.


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Day 12

So today was so fun because of Jack’s impromptu Santa act.  The plan was to make sugar cookies together while the cookies baked we got a story out to read.  Jack said he would read the story because Roger and I were cleaning up.  When we came to sit down and listen, Jack had cut out a paper beard and taped it on. He read I Believe in Santa Claus  then had each of the kids come sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas.  It was so hilarious and so fun to see Jack take the lead and make it fun for the younger kids.

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We have a class on Thursday evenings so our candlelit dinner was a little rushed but still super fun.  Jack and Grady made dinner for everyone.  Jack was in charge of the pizzas and Grady made a delicious salad. My centerpiece decorated our table and we used the china. Jack added a tablecloth after some encouragement.  Me- Jack go get a Christmas tablecloth out of the closet.

Jack – What?

Me – A Christmas tablecloth, you know the gold one or the green and red one.

Jack – Where is it?

Me – In the closet.

Jack came back with a blue and white tablecloth.

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