Monday, January 12, 2009

"Have fun Mom"

I don't think I can express the joy I feel when I hear my child speak. My oldest boys spoke clearly at 18 months and nonstop, that is what all kids do right? Not Asher. We went to his 18 month checkup and the pediatrician asked "So does he have more than 50 words?" Ahhh No he said Mama for everything. When he said Mama it didn't have a meaning it was the only word he said. We started speech therapy last March, a speech therapist came to our home once a week and an educational specialist came once a month. In December 2008 we stopped private speech therapy sessions and started a preschool class with 5 specialist in the room and 11 children in the class. Asher's language is exploding! Today he was leaving with his dad and I called to Asher, "Have fun with Dad!". Asher called back, "Have fun Mom!"! Roger peeked back at me and we smiled. Love that little man.

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