Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No thank you!

Today we took Grady to a birthday party at one of those bounce house places.  Asher was with me and we went into the building to get Grady settled in for the party.  Of course Asher wanted to play on the big blow-up slide.  After carrying Asher up the slide multiple times I wanted a break so I suggested the bounce house.  Asher was apprehensive, it was a little intimidating to him, I guess.  Me, being the good mom, I tried to push him up into it thinking once he tries it he will love it.  Asher being the sweet, polite child, also a child that knows absolutely what he does not want to do says, “No, thank you! Not fun!” repetitiously. 

I was so blown away with his ability to articulate himself, I gave up and we went down the slide several more times. 

He did later gain some confidence and did enjoy the bounce house for a few minutes.  I knew I was right!


  1. this is a test because I keep getting flack that my comments are not working

  2. ah hah! I fixed them with no help from anyone!

  3. yay! I can comment!! congrats to asher. so exciting to hear his articulation. makes me smile. he's such an adorable kid. can't wait to hear all that he has to say!