Thursday, June 18, 2009

We are in Mexico! - Thursday

Our flight was Asher’s first without a car seat, it was much easier in the terminal but the flights were a little miserable.  We did not make it easy for ourselves because we were packing till the last minute and only got two hours of sleep the night before.  Add the two year old and lack of sleep and you have some crabby parents.

Getting off the plane in Cancun we had to go through immigration and then customs.  Now for added security you have to also fill out a questionnaire about your party's health then they actually check all the children’s temperatures.

After you pass thru all of that you are released to a bunch of uniformed helpful people in the exit area that want to give you maps and sell you some tours and time shares.  Then our car service to our hotel also wanted to sell us a tour if we would just keep an appointment for the following day to confirm our return trip that we already paid for.  Then when we get to the front desk we are checked in and asked to speak to a hospitality specialist  who wants us to buy some tours and confirm us for a meeting the next day for and hour and a half  to get us to purchase a timeshare of the hotel (information about the hotel).  At this point all we want to do is go to our room. 

We finally get to our room and it is the size of our living room maybe smaller, 3 beds one long room.  We run out to the pool and play, relax.  Tonight we order room service and get settled into our room.  The kids are very excited still and the time change is two hours ahead of our normal time.

Going to bed was a big challenge Asher was all over the place and Roger was able to get Jack and Grady to stay in their bed after several threats and turning out most of the lights.  I paced with Asher while Roger fell asleep to Asher screaming because he wanted to sleep in our double size bed with us.  I was not about to give into that, there was not enough space in the bed for our little kicker and tonight I was setting the precedent for the next two weeks.  Finally Asher wore himself out and laid down in his own bed.  I had to lay with him until he was completely asleep for fear of him waking again.

As I moved to my own bed and laid down I thought I do not want to do this for two weeks, we are getting a bigger room tomorrow.

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