Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We are in Mexico – Monday June 15th


Today the big highlight of the day was going for a catamaran ride and snorkel tour. 


This is the building we stayed in at our hotel, 3rd floor on the middle left side of the building. Ryan and Marsha were directly below us on the 2nd floor.

This album is of everyone on the boat.

032 031

They took the snorkeling people in two groups so all the boys went on the first group.  Miss Maddie went with me and Ryan on the 2nd group.  This was the best snorkeling I have ever experienced!!  I saw three sea turtles, lots of beautiful coral in several colors, tons of fish, a barracuda, a blowfish, a starfish, some conch, 2 big lobster, a colorful crab, Christmas tree worm and lots of things I don’t have names for!


They even let me drive the boat, scary!

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