Friday, June 19, 2009

We are in Mexico – Thursday June 11th

We (Lydia, Maddie, Jack, Carson and I) swam with dolphins today at Xel-Ha an ecopark near Tulum.




We also did some snorkeling!  Everyone except Grady and Asher who were perfectly happy to sit in the sand and play.


We also floated down a river on inner tubes.  Initially Asher did not want to go but he had a great time when we got into the water.  Below is a picture before we all did the float trip.  Roger was corralling Asher and I was the camera woman.


We also walked across a floating bridge that was rocking pretty hard then swam in a small cave.  It was a very hot but fun day.

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  1. Swimming with Dolphins is on my to do list before I die list. :) Love the pictures! You're amazing for documenting your trip as you go instead of waiting till you get back. Have a great time!