Friday, February 6, 2009

A peek into my week – Saturday

So the day started out a little different then most Saturdays, Roger and I both got up voluntarily by 8am. We had to get the boys fed and off to their activities, one to karate and one to piano. No problem, up at 8 we can make it by 10.

Asher decided today he wanted to potty train , he took his diaper off by himself. Just as we all sat down to breakfast (I mean as I sat down to eat, everyone else was finishing their breakfast) Asher got out of his chair and I noticed a puddle in his chair. It only took a few minutes to clean it up…

Roger left while I was finishing my breakfast so he could take Grady to karate. (Roger showered as I made breakfast) I still had thirty minutes to take Jack to piano.

As I headed to my bedroom to shower, Asher was looking in the mirror trying to figure out what went wrong with his shirt. As I snapped a picture he started peeing again. As I cleaned this mess up I still had 15 minutes I could at least change out of my pajamas.

Then Jack yelled there was something stinky in his room. Yes it was poop on the rug! “Oh ASH-ER!”

Now………………………… we were LATE.


  1. Hahahahahaaaaaa!!! I hope I'm laughing WITH you. Is it funny yet? Eric was my most mischievious potty trainer.

  2. stay committed; imagine NO DIAPERS!! that asher is a doll.