Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My other kids

This week I had the opportunity to watch my friend’s kids while she had surgery.  They have been amazing!  The joy they get from the smallest things surprises me over and over.  The first day they were full of questions and exclaiming randomly “My mom is in the hospital!”.  For the most part they were excited to have a sleepover on a school night, jumping up and down that they could wear our pjs. 

Monday we worked on valentines for school, played at McDonald’s, and after FHE we had ice cream and strawberries.  Before bed we laid on the fold out couch each child got to chose their own story book and sit next to me while I read it to everyone.  They were so happy just to be included in my day they increased my joy in the days goings-on. 

Today we dropped the older boys at school and then came home for a short while, during which they only made one massive fort and played restaurant.  Then it was off to pick up Asher from preschool and brunch with some fantastic friends.  Then off to preschool for the kids and home for Asher and I .  Then off to pick the kids up from preschool and the big boys from school.  Then off to scouts for Jack, afterward home for dinner.  At dinner Nolan reminded Jack of our FHE lesson, “Remember Jack love everyone from family home evening last night!” Jack had been teasing Grady.  Nolan’s comment made me so happy because someone was listening to my lesson.  Then it was homework time and baths.  After bath time I always dry my kids hair with a blow dryer and clip their nails.  My extra kids all giggled and relished getting their hair blow dried.  I also introduced them to baby oil for their elbows, knees and feet, they liked how soft their hands were after rubbing the oil in.  Of course we had to sit on the fold out couch and all read stories again.

I don’t know, I might be able to handle six kids.

Thanks kids for being so sweet!savannah with ben the bear 017 savannah with ben the bear 033

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  1. thanks for making me smile, mandy. that was awesome. so happy you're not dying over there!