Monday, April 27, 2009

A Peek into my Week - Monday

So today was a typical day in the life of Mandy/Mommy.  It started at 6am  when the alarm went off and slowly hopped out of bed to go do X stretch, got to do all but 6 minutes of it.  It is suppose to be my rest day from exercising anyway. Then after shooing the big boys off to school, I went to get my haircut with Asher in tow.

Peek into my week Monday 002

Asher and I went to Target after the haircut to return something and then we went down the party isle cause July isn’t that far away.  Ever since my birthday last week Asher has been asking/ demanding we light a candle and sing to him.  It was a big toss up between Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Thomas and Lightening McQueen for his party theme.  We bought two items and Asher is going to carry them around the house until his birthday and then he will probably decide on something totally different:)

Peek into my week Monday 001

After all that fun we came home to clean house.  While I was cleaning my bathroom (I was suppose to clean the bathroom on Saturday per our chore chart, whoops) Asher fell asleep on the heated floor. So I put him to bed, this is unusual for him to fall asleep so early in the day so he might be getting sick.



Grady tball 021

Then I move on to cleaning my desk in the kitchen, this is a weekly task for me because it gets pretty messy quickly. 

Grady tball 022

After this Grady got home (he rides the kindergarten bus home)  we did his reading (Dick and Jane) and ate lunch.  Then it was time to go to science class, we had to wake Asher up, he was a little groggy.  We came home from taking Grady to science and Asher still wasn’t his usually sparkly self so he watch cartoons (Cartoons Cure!)  I was tidying around the house, Jack was about to arrive home from school (carpool).  I had everything together for Jack’s report at science class his report was on Labrador Retrievers so of course Odin was going to science class also.    As I am about to load Asher in the car a familiar splatter vibrates thru my ears.  Split second for response time and I am hoisting Asher over the sink where the splattering continues.  In between cleaning puke boy and peeling his clothes off I call Rog on the phone, “HELP!”.

Roger comes home with Grady from science and I take Jack and Odin to science.

Grady tball 023

Odin and Jack gave a successful report.  Jack let all the kids feed Odin popcorn and Odin fetched for each of the classmates that wanted a turn (that is all the kids except two).  Jack explained about Odin’s expected lifespan and the difference between human years and dog years.  Jack also talked about caring for Odin but mostly he just wanted to show off his dog!

When I got home from science class Rog had cleaned up the puke and everyone was quietly watching cartoons, PEACE at last!

Dinner was delivered, thank you Damon.

Then Rog went to pick up Jack from science.  After dinner we had Family home evening, the song was “Bob the Builder”, Asher’s choice between pukes in a bucket which he retrieved on his own.  We talked about Education and its importance and the 6 B’s (Be smart, be clean, be prayerful, be humble, be grateful). Popsicles for a treat then jammies and teeth brushing.  When everyone is brushed and jammied we watch 15 minutes of a movie we started yesterday, Spacecamp then everyone to bed.  Grady and I read Enemy Pie and then Dad read Magician’s Apprentice and put everyone to sleep. 

Now here I sit falling asleep at my computer!  Good night!


  1. yuck!! so sorry about asher. hope you had a pleasant night and i also hope it doesn't ruin your blessed weekend.
    also, i love "Enemy Pie"; it was actually authored by a neighbor of mine in 95th Court. did you know that?
    and i already told you this, but i really love your hair. that picture doesn't do it justice; very cute on you.

  2. As I read this, I crossed my fingers that he wouldn't be vomit sick. It didn't work. :P

    Yes, very cute hair! Hope everyone is well there now. :)

  3. I love space camp! Hope everyone is feeling better. sounds like a bz day!