Friday, November 13, 2009

Veterans' Day Tribute

Tuesday November 10th Jack’s school had an assembly for Veterans’ Day since they are out of school today.  The entire third grade class was singing in the assembly.  The school asked for any local veterans to come and be our guest at the assembly.  Jack’s dad, Roger served for 9 months in Saudi Arabia  in ‘91 during the Gulf War, he is usually shy about telling people this.  Roger was a supply clerk in the Army Reserves so he didn’t have to see a lot of combat.  So Jack of course wanted his dad to come and be recognized yesterday, it turned out to be a great assembly!  It made me so proud of Roger, his cousins (Ray and Tony) and our dear friend Darrell Carr (who is currently serving abroad).  Ray was nearly fatally wounded and still recovering  from his injuries and his brother Tony has been deployed twice.  I love these men and I am so grateful to each one!!!!


  1. I didn't know that about Roger. How awesome to be recognized in front of your son. :)

  2. I was surprised to see Roger being honored, and I wish they told more of the work that was done. The branch and rank left me wanting more.

    They did such a good job with the assembly this year, it was worth the work to get there. Hope Rodger feels the same.